Luoshui River around of Winter

 At home Taoist_Yongyinmeng     Year1970.January

      Certain day of the seasonal changes of Winter Solstice evening, boundless Yizhou in the snowflake.

      Indulge in atrocities repeatedly cold current of air, assault to wear the wretch;Make fun of to wear( dominant) the Northern Star.

     My mood, resemble the river of Luoshui, almost nonexistent return" of plan, not think that, the return" go to!

     The elusive idea reads aloud along with the whirling snow, hesitant in the Kunlun mountain around.

      Sages always promote the " morals", today, where" morals" is?

      People always hope the wealthy life, however, the wealthy life is always so faraway!.

      I today, though poor,  If compare than those lose the ruler of the political power,  Probably, I have no so many regrets 

      Time arrives, again time in happy dinner.                                       


                             Yongyinmeng son:  Yongziran   Year2004-June-22th   


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